We have an expert knowledge of the needs of local communities and grass-roots organisations. Coupled with our unique understanding of employers’ needs means that every year we engage thousands of volunteers from over 50 companies in more than 400 community settings.

We offer more than simply brokerage. We risk assess all volunteering projects, ensure health & safety legislation and safeguarding best practice and don’t charge membership fees.

Our services include:

  • Community Action Days. We enable and organise teams of employee volunteers to support a community partner (such as a charity or school etc) for a day through practical activities, interacting with service users or sharing their professional and/or soft skills.
  • Skills for Schools. We can match employee volunteers with children and young people to support them to develop their skills, in reading, maths or other academic subjects or to mentor them, either in person or through our e-mentoring platform.
  • Talent Matters. Our flagship skills-based volunteering programme helps individual volunteers share and develop their professional skills with charities and community organisations to support them in overcoming operational challenges.
  • eMentor Me. Ideal for employees who struggle to leave the office, our online mentoring platform enables volunteering no matter where your your employees are located. Volunteers are matched online with young people who need extra support with employability skills, for instance young care leavers, or young adults with disabilities. We also facilitate the mentoring of young women to enter employment, progress their careers and nurture their leadership ambitions.
  • Consultancy. Work with our expert staff to develop your Corporate Responsibility agendas and programmes, and /or volunteer policies and materials.
  • Training. We can design and deliver training days that equip your employees to source and deliver volunteering opportunities in-house.

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